Perry Nickelston: „Three Crazy Reasons Your Knee Hurts“

As far as joints go, the knee is pretty stupid. It only does what the foot will allow and the hip can control. If you have knee pain you should look above and below it for some issues.

Everything is connected and everything matters.

Here are some classic examples:

  1. Loss of ankle dorsiflexion. Decreased ankle mobility leads to increased motion at the knee joint. Get more motion in the ankle and you can help the knee.
  2. Loss of mobility in the hip. Decreased hip extension and internal rotation leads to more force being transmitted through the knee. The femur and tibia cannot dissociate efficiently. Get more motion in the hip and it helps the knee.
  3. Loss of stability in the hip. Lack of mobility control in the hip can lead to the knee taking a beating. Every step is pounding on the knee joint. Doing some good old fashioned half kneeling work can begin to help.

If you think those are crazy. Then wait til ya see my list. If the above doesn’t help or doesn’t stick then it’s time to go further down the crazy shit path. Or you can continue staying on the same old shit path and hope something changes.


  1. Common sense
  2. Real life
  3. Doing shit in the arena 23 years
  4. Client feedback
  5. Results
  6. And probably a paper somewhere

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