Shushukan Budo Insights #16: The lifestyle of martial arts

Stress has become something to be avoided. This is good news actually. But how we deal with stress is what has us falling down (or not): depression, anxiety, physical retard, and death are the acknowledged outcomes of stress. Stress comes with too much work, absurd mission statements, incompetent superiors, and the lack of courage.

One way to counter those is is seen in strengthening the psyche by meditation, mindfulness, and – unfortunately – martial arts. Don’t get me wrong: Doing Karate is a great way to become resilient through tough physical training, the optimization of the mind and/ or „self“ through some „eastern philosphy“, gaining courage and so on. But what is the point of regaining the ability to deal with stress, if it just puts you back on track to carry on with the same way of life that caused your stress? Will you be the busy bee again?

Karate is no magic bullet. Even if you decide to take up Karate to deal with your stressful lifestyle, it will take years before enduring results show. And what if – in case you are lucky – Karate training throws your well-ordered life in disarray, rattleing your ancestors? Karate is movement training, so it will f*ck up your brain by changing neurons. And this will change your life. But will your new life fit into the schemes of the old one? Or will you have your „new self“ take control and change the rest of it as well? It could lead to question your former lifestyle. Which is a good thing. But this takes courage.

Are you ready for your life-chaning martial arts experience?