Shushukan Budo Insights #17: Variation is key!

I have started doing something audacious (at least in the world of Karate that is):

◾️I started to completely alter, adapt, and vary my movements, my basics, and my kata (forms) according to my body.

◾️I stopped „warming up“ years ago. Yet, I took it a step further: I do movements that directly support my Karate techniques. I also incorporated weapons in my usual practice. (According to Kazumasa Yokoyama, Karate is „empty hand“ in order to grab a weapon.)

◾️If you start varying, you will initiate the next level of embodied learning. Your brain structure will change, your sensitivity for different situations will sharpen, your personality will develop.

◾️And this is even more audacious: Dead people don’t teach shit! We can cherish Funakoshi’s writings and enjoy the tales of boozing Okinawan Karate masters. But they can’t teach us how to move. Only your very teacher can do that. So listen and watch closely when your teacher moves and teaches. Make it yours and start varying. This is Budo!