What is a „good martial arts teacher“?

While watching „Red Belt“ (a great movie), this crossed my mind: What is a „good martial arts teacher“?

Is it someone

  • who has been a champion, probably several times?
  • who actually fought in battle?
  • who is a role model?
  • who serves the governing body by managing memberships?
  • who has devoted his life fully to carry on his master’s teachings?
  • who comforts parents over their „golden child“?
  • with a personal history of violence or a need to live violence actively?
  • who is a buddhist?
  • who is everybody’s darling?
  • who builds his expertise on clicks on social media?

But what is teaching? To me, teaching means helping to make a better world by empowering people through your experience and your engagement. Not to make money in first place, but standing up to what is right for one’s body and mind. Karate helps righteousness – the Funakoshi thing, right? 😉

You can overcome hardships, face violence, start from zero, stay in the game against all odds… Or you can rush through this world with your ellbows protruding. None of these alone make you a good teacher.

To me, a teacher is a rolde model. But in my standards, and not as other force their standards upon me.

To me, a teacher is a guide, a warrior, an educated person who „sees“ me.

To me, a teacher is the one most upright and most uncompromising regarding his way.

A good student, on the other hand, carries on his teacher’s work. Bad students… Well, you get the point.

Chiwetel Ejiofor als Mike Terry in „Red Belt“.